Improvements and additions for Blinkstick Client



Let me just say, it took me a while to get used to this software, which ive found to be quite versatile…Now i can use it, ive managed to create some interesting lighting effects that i think would be useful and what i believe most people would want to use inside of a PC case or on their monitor when not being used for Ambilight. Im happy to share with other people but if only there was a way to do that…Which leads me to my next point, dont get me wrong i think the client is great but there some things i think could be added to make it even better.

So here are some things i hope can be added to the software.

  1. A way to import and export patterns youve made to share with others.

  2. A way to export patterns to code (not sure how practical that is, non coder here but i think it would be nice for beginners to export or generate the code for a pattern)

3.A way to group patterns together in a folder if theyre used for the same effect. To create rolling or streaming effects i create multiple patterns and stagger the start times. It would be easier to locate them if they had a folder for each group.

  1. A way to group notifications, for basically the same reasons except i use these to identify which LEDs use which patterns. Maybe using a right click to create new folder then drag and drops inside. Would also be useful in the respect you could just enabled the folder instead of 8 or 16 different notifications.

  2. A way to reshuffle #numbers or slots in the pattern animation window. Dragging and dropping them to reorder, its a real pain if you forget a colour or pause in the middle of a complex pattern.

  3. Custom times for frequency’s of notifications, the jump from 1 minute to 5 minutes seems a bit extreme at least. Or Perhaps just a ‘Repeat when finished’ button.

  4. A playlist feature for notifications. For instance play notifications 1, then a group of notifications for the next pattern effect Then notification 5 etc.

  5. More hardware effects. E.g. when PC boots or windows starts play notificationX, when PC shutdowns play a different notification, integration with the internal clock for hourly notifications. Also a sound reactive feature inside the client itself would be nice!

9.Be able to uses Pokes Ambilight client inside the blinkstick client and be able to have it automatically start and stop when using either steam,netflix,kodi, plex or similar.

I also noticed a few things thats may or may not need changing…

The edit button in the pattern animattion window disappears behind the scroll bar and is completely unpressable after #100 is selected to edit.
When deleting patterns the notification box doesnt say what your deleting. would be handy to be able to control+click to delete multiples at a time aswell.
When you copy a pattern it adds a new #number in the pattern animation, not sure if theres a reason for that though.
When you are copying a notification or a pattern it defaults to copy2 instead of copy1, not massive but just a little thing.

So anyway theres some feedback for the Dev/Devs from a guy whose used their product and likes it and wants to see it get better. Not intended to be derogatory just some inspiration for features incase you werent already busy enough. :smiley: