How to turn off LED on Blinkstick Pro?

Bought a Blinkstick Pro for an incredibly simply application. I want to turn on a single red LED if memory utilization is over a certain threshold. The problem is that when I connect this LED to the Blickstick, as soon as the device is connected to my computer the LED receives power and comes on. Even deleting all of the rules doesn’t help, it still remains on which defeats the purpose.

I’ve tried both the 5V as well as the R leads with the other end connected to Ground and nothing seems to work.

Is there a way to have the LED remain off Unless a rule is triggered?

Just wanted to follow-up that I did eventually get this to work. I wired up the LED to R and GND and selected “Inverse” mode. After a reboot of the PC everything has been working fine.

One thing I am also using is the Blinkstick Python package. Is there a way to save this for future offline installs? My worry is someday a server will go down and I’ll have no way to re-install if needed.