How to morph colors on the flex


Is it possible to morph every light on the flex… at the same time?

I’ve tried changing to mode 3, but that only changes 8 lights.

I can set the color to every light using this:

bstick.set_led_data(0, [0, 0, 0] * ledcount)

But I’m unable to morph the colors.

EDIT: oops, I’m using python.


Hey MrJaWapa,

by default the first 8 LEDs of the flex are activated. If you work with a Windows PC please try the following workaround:

Such a function for the BlinkStick Client is in progress afaik.

I hope it helps.


Mode 0 and 1 do nothing at all. Lights do not even turn on.

Mode 2 is the default (?).

Mode 3 effects 8 lights at a time, and only 8. Even when I change the number of LEDs.


It have to be mode 2. Please do not change to mode 0 or 1 which are not supported by your device.
If you set the LEDs to 32 restart the tool and look if it now counts 32.
It should work, at least it worked for other users.
Please also do a right click and use “Params to clipboard” to post the values here.


The number of LEDs has always been on 32.

Using that tool, when I set a color only one light changes.

Using python I can use this:

bstick.set_led_data(0, [0, 0, 0] * 32)

to change the color of every light on the BlinkStick.

But, there seems to be no way to morph/blink every light.

DeviceType: BlinkStickFlex
Serial: BS005594-3.1
Mode: 2
LEDs: 32
TestTool Version:


You are right. It seems the API does not support more than 8 LEDs at the moment for effects like morph, blink etc.

Edit: Sorry, already found out in July that it does not work. Just forgot…


Hey MrJaWapa,

I´ve changed the python lib a bit.
It is a change only for this special case with the flex. If you’re using a morph it will now affect every of the 32 LEDs.
Please find the changed lib here:
Replace the in your python root folder under \Lib\site-packages\blinkstick\ after doing a backup of the original
Let me know if it works.

If you want to change something yourself, take a look at the lines beginning with line 733 to 745 in the

I´ve tested it with a simple morph like this:

led.morph(steps=100, name="red", duration=duration)
led.morph(steps=100, name="blue", duration=duration)
led.morph(steps=100, name="green", duration=duration)


It works great!

Thanks a lot.


The link to the changed code doesn’t seem to be valid anymore. Does someone have the changes necessary to affect the 32 LEDs ?


Please find it here again:


Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll try it out later tonight!