Hi, I have a few technical questions about blinkstick products


A few questions about blinkstick products

  1. Can any of the blinkstick products be used for IO direct 5.5v from the USB for the purpose of running electronics other than lights?
  2. Is there something that can supply variable voltage to one output?
  3. Is there any sort of Unity package available?

I would like to begin using blinkstick for gaming applications. Any info you can provide will be much appreciated! Thanks.


Welcome to the forums!

  1. I have connected basic vibrating motor from mobile phone and it worked fine. Do you have any specific device in mind?
  2. BlinkStick Pro in mode 0 and 1 provides PWM on RGB pins to control LEDs. What kind of application are you looking for?
  3. If I remember correctly Unity runs on C#. There is BlinkStickDotNet library which should be possible to use in Unity, although I haven’t tried myself yet.


Hi arvydas, thanks for the quick reply,
1.Yes small devices 1.5v to 5.5v
2. an IO power source for gaming applications
3. Thanks I will check this out


BlinkStick is sort of designed only to control LEDs and anything else is purely hacking :smiley:


I had a requirement for using Blinkstick for Unity recently and used BlinkStickDotNet.library.
But it doesn’t work as Unity supports .NET 2.0/3.5 and blinkstick uses 4.5.


You can compile the BlinkStickDotNet library yourself with different frameworks.
Please find it based on 3.5 here:


Thank you, i tried this already. But unity crashes when i run it.
I tried to build a complied version of unity, but the exe wont run, i get Data folder missing every time. This is because of the external dll.