Help with BlinkStick Square API in Go

I just bought a Blinkstick Square and I was interested in writing a small app for it (turn it on, turn it off, blink, etc.) that I want to just sit in the system tray. Although I have a lot of experience in Node, I have been working in Go and I wanted to write an API for it.

I see there already is an unofficial Go API, but it doesn’t support Square and I like the Node API and I’ve been trying to replicate it with some limited success. My problem is that I can’t find any tutorials, examples, or anything to tell me how to communicate with the firmware. I’m seeing things like “setFeatureReport” and trying to decipher how the communication works, but I’d like to have some real documentation or explanations from someone.

Is there someone out there that can give me links on theory of operation or communication? That would be awesome. Thanks!

unfortunately i think this is a dead project ATM, have you tried reverse engenering the 2.0 RC client? i think it supports all the blinksticks, as well as the ones you build yourself that can have more led’s
the source for the project is here.