[GitHub] Example: Control Remotely

Hi, I’ve tried putting this example on one of my system and running pip install json seems to generate a 404 error. Was this pip package deprecated, and is there a replacement to the json package that could be used instead without having to redo a good portion of the code?


No need to run the command to install json package, because it is already part of Python. I have updated instructions in the wiki.

Just tested the code and seems to work fine with Python 3.7.5. There are a few minor issues with the package I am currently working to fix. I tested this on Ubuntu 19.10. I’m looking into all operating systems and getting BlinkStick to work everywhere now with Python package so it may take some time. You can install it via github:

pip install git+https://github.com/arvydas/blinkstick-python

It would be very helful if you could let me know the OS you are trying to get this to run so I could give you a faster solution.

Thanks for the update and taking the time to reply, good to know about the json package.

I should be able to test it out again tonight, I’m planning to start from scratch and flash the updated version of raspbian buster lite (2020-02-05-raspbian-buster-lite.zip) I’ll post an update as soon as I can.