Feature Request for Animations with Flex

I really like my blinkstick flex. Just wondering if you ever have plans to implement any kind of animation builder specific to the flex in the BlinkStick Client software.

I understand the the software was probably built with the intention of controlling all leds with the same animation, but obviously this makes the individually addressable flex leds rather pointless.

I’ve tried venturing into getting node running and adapting code from other libraries out there for effects, but I just don’t have the time to sit down and figure it all out.

Granted, I have had a lot of fun building some random lighting animations in the client software assigning each led a different notification, but it’s rather limiting in what you can achieve other than randomness.

I have plans for building better animations that support multi LED devices. Can you give me an idea of what kind of animations you would like to see in the client application?

Maybe just something along the same lines as what the NZXT hue+ does.

I’m actually using the flex for case lighting at the moment. I’m just using a solid color now and it looks nice, but maybe some of the hue+ effects. Chasing lights might be nice; The appearance of a persistent background color with a traveling led group like the ever famous knight rider car.

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It looks nice!
And I really agree that the flex potential is to high to use it for a static light only :smile:

Any progress? I’d love to do something like this:

No, I never got any good animations going. I have settled on some nice triple zone effects going in my case, but it’s just color cycling going at different rates. One disappointing thing is that since my purchase I’ve had 3 or 4 leds burn out. I might get some new leds and replace the ones on the strip, but I haven’t attempted surface soldering before.

Odd. I never had any burn out. Then again, I use mine like maybe 2 hours a week.