Errors from Blinkstick Square

I have a Blinkstick Square (BS055874-3.0) and it is plugged into a USB 2 port on a computer. I am sending it six commands in a row to set six of the LEDs on at the same time.

I found that unless I put in a 15 millisecond delay, it would fail a lot. As in 30-50% of the time. I started with 10 ms and had to move it to 15.

I am still getting errors. One that seems to be fatal is:

          HidD_SetFeature: (0x0000001F) A device attached to the system is not functioning.

My current process is to completely close all devices and reinitialize scanning for

all Blinkstick devices. This does seem to recover the communication with the device.

For such failures, would simply closing the path and reopening it work just as well?

Any other suggestions?

Platform? Link to Source Code?