Enclosure for BlinkStick Strip

I have been working on an enclosure for BlinkStick Strip. My main goals were to make it very compact, 3D printable and use exactly 0 screws. I think I managed to achieve it only with 2 iterations. Here is how it looks like:

It currently needs only a few very minor tweaks and I’ll post an update when the enclosure is ready to order with BlinkStick Strip. As long as it’s still in prototyping stage, the enclosure will be free with an order of BlinkStick Strip for anybody who would like to receive one :smile:.


That looks amazing! Let me know when I can order.

It’s ready to order now! :smiley: Here is the link to the shop:

Is there a way to order just the enclosure? Maybe through Shapeways?

@rogerharkavy I can send you one for free if you are OK to wait for 5 days to get there by post from UK :smile:

Thank you, that is very kind! At least let me reimburse you for the shipping. Please send me your PayPal address and I will send you a couple of bucks (pounds).

Amazing! Just when I was thinking about ordering a strip as well! :smile:

Do I just mention in “Additional comments” that I’d like to receive an enclosure when buying through the web-shop?

Are you also thinking of similar enclosure for a regular BlinkStick?

Yep, just add a coment in the checkout. Not sure about the enclosure for the original BlinkStick yet. Any enclosure makes it quite huge :smiley:

I am just thinking about using BlinkStick as apart of a final product. Target audience is software dev teams (BlinkStick would basically notify when something goes bad/good), so being super-pretty isn’t important, but just hiding the electronics would be nice. Sure, maybe just enclosing the current board could be not easily possible.

I only noticed this after I had ordered, is there a way that you could send me one and I can paypal you some cash for your trouble?


Hi arvydas, is the offer of an enclosure with a Blinkstick Strip still available?

@ajmallinson yes it still is available!

For everyone else (@27escape and @rogerharkavy ) I’ll contact you directly to arrange shipping for the enclosures :smiley:

Thank you very much!

Thank you from me too!

Received my strips not so long ago and I really like them. And I would like them even more in these nice enclosures. Any way to order only 3 enclosures?

@mischa sent you a PM :smiley:

That’s the correct address! And thanks for the great service!

I have made a custom PCB and attached it on a WS2812 module. Also I printed an enclosure like yours and it looks like a blinkstick strip. Hope you like it.

@ioakar0 that looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Did you hand solder the micro USB? I suppose it was insanely difficult! :fearful:

Yes, the PCB is home made. It was not very difficult actually. The only difficulty I had was a bad copper trace on the PCB connecting the ws2812 module with GND. I fixed it with a jumper (the one crossing the attiny)