Don't get it - Only one LED controllable on Flex


Hei Guys

I’m new to the use of the blinkstick stuff.

I was able to control one single LED on the blinkstick flex over the easiest command “blinkstick random”.
With this, the first LED turned on in a color. But only the first.

How can I control all the LEDs on the flex-strip?

Btw: I am controlling the blinkstick over a raspberry pi and ssh it. But I think should be possible with that

Thanks for your help



Most of the options on the command line tool will only affect a single LED at a time. If you add “–index=X” where X is the index of the LED you want to set, you should be able to set any individual LED you want. If you want to set multiple LEDs at a time, you’ll need to start writing code.

I’ve got a script over here (the one called that sets all LEDs to a color you write in the script.

I’ve also got a script I’ve been keeping to myself that has a lot more options for setting all LEDs at once that’s usable from the command line if you give me a few hours to package it up nice and neat.


You are the man. Thanks

Bad that I could’t find such a example on the blinkstick main side.

But cool community. Thanks


Here we are. Download that, mark it as executable and run it, or run it with “python3 <stuff>

Some examples of how to use it:

blinc red - Set whole strip to red

blinc "#00ffff" - Set whole strip to cyan

blinc --morph red green blue - Morph strip smoothly from red to green to blue.

You can set brightness with --brightness=0.5 or set animation time with --duration=2.0.

If you’re not epileptic you could try

blinc --strobe --duration=0.05 --loop red green blue

to get a mildly insane strobe effect that flashes between red, green, and blue.

Do blinc --help to see all the options that are available and let me know if you have any suggestions.