Dimmable LED light


My project is not fancy and colorful. I only want to use few sunlight bright LEDs and need to be able to adjust their brightness. As I searched through the forum, I will need to use a blinkstick pro +LED adapter board to do PWM.

But is there a way to literally reduce the brightness instead of having quick pulses of on and off? Because what I understood from PWM is that the eyes perceive the light as continues while it is flickering very fast. And I am not sure if that would be nice to the eyes if you want to use this continuously.

p.s. Thanks for this great “open hardware” project.

Hey Mahyar,
in the end every light Source is flickering. As far as I know, the attiny85 has a PWM frequency of >=60Hz. If Im not totally wrong with this value, you do not need to care about flickering. The problem only can be very different light frequencys in one view, for example a TV screen with an ambilight.

Only my humble opinion to this case :wink: