Developing with BlinkStick

I’ve been doing some work with blinkstick and I’m a little unsure which release versions of the code I should be forking?

The main change is the addition of a button to pin 1, replacing that channel. The LEDs I am incorporating are the WS2818B which I have connected to pin 3 in a 3x3 matrix.

I’ve been able to compile and program the PRO fork of the firmware onto the board, and control it using the blinkstick python library that is provided by ‘pip install blinkstick’. I’m guessing this is the master branch? However I would like to make sure before I start to modify the code to incorporate the functionality to poll the button state.

My guess is the Pro fork of the firmware in:

And for the Python librarys, the Pro fork as well:

Is there a best practice for serial naming? I doubt anything I create will be connected to the broader network but I wouldn’t want to interfere with anyone’s IFTT or other scripts?