--cpu-usage command not found and blinkstick nano

Hello all,

I’m trying to build off of a simple python script to show cpu utilization on my raspberry pi 4, using my blinkstick nano. However, running the bash command blinkstick --cpu-usage shows an error of command not found. Additionally, when running the blinkstick command in bash it shows no such command. Is this related to the python version that I currently have installed? Just wanted to see if there were any other pi 4 users out there with blinkstick nano, who have built a script utilizing the --cpu-usage command.

Did you install the blinkstick command line tool? It says command not found because it can’t find it. Either it’s not installed, or it’s not installed somewhere that it can be found. Do sudo pip install blinkstick.

Even after that though, --cpu-usage is not a flag that exists.