CPU/GPU Temp controlled color (Flex)

Hi there,

I hope software is the correct category for this:

I was wondering if it is possible with the BlinkStick client 1 or 2 to control the color of BlinkStick Flex in relation to the temperature of the cpu/gpu?

And if not, if there is a not too complicated workaround with something like Python?
I can write a few lines of simple code but I am no programmer by any means.

I am building a system with the gorgeous DAN A4-SFX and I want to light both of its chambers with simple static color that shifts when the components get hot. I already ordered the Flex and will probably cut it halfway, put one half in each chamber and connect them with soldered on wires.


Hello WhoNocks and welcome to the forums.

The BlinkStick Client does not have a notification for CPU temperature.
How to realize this is basicly not a BlinkStick question but a question of how to get the values you need which I think is the harder part.
First of all you´ll need the method to get the temperature itself. There are a lot of different ways documented in the internet:
google get cpu temperature python

For the BlinkStick itself you´ll find a lot of information in the python wiki:

For example different colors for CPU usage:

You´re idea is of course a good one. If you plan to run on windows only I would recommend to take a look at the .NET API for BlinkStick and try to realize it with C#.

I hope it helps. Let us know if you need some more help.

Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised what an active community this product has and the uses people come up with.

That the Client can not do it is a bummer but I see that this might be hard to implement, since you already pointed out that actually reading the temperature will probably be the hardest part.

I have done a quick search and it seems that it might in fact be so difficult (because of different standards used by hardware manufacturers) that I cant do the data collection myself but need to use something like this.

I will most likely only ever use this machine with windows, so C# will probably be fine. I actually wrote some small useless programs with C# before, like the kind of programs you write in an IT class in school. But I never had the motivation to do more since I didnt see the practical use for me. Maybe this is finally the time for me to learn some programming :smiley:

Once I have the Flex I will get to it!