Controlling several single-color LEDs


Are there any blinkstick products that will allow me to control many individual LEDs? I am making a project with backlit arcade buttons and would like to control them over USB.


BlinkStick Pro allows you to control individual WS2812 LEDs, but you would need to replace the LEDs inside the buttons with WS2812 which may not be possible. One Pro can control up to 3 basic LEDs so it may be not cost effective for you. You would be better off with something like an Arduino…


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So I have built a flight simulator cabinet, and I want to put LED strip lights in it that I can control. What is the simplest product that will allow me to put together several LED strips, and then individually control the color of each LED? I guess, what I’m really asking is, if I get a Blinkstick Pro, and solder my LED strips to it, and plug it into a USB port, can I control the color of each light? I’m seeing a lot of stuff about Arduino, and I’m trying to keep this to just a Blinkstick Pro and LED strips. If not, are there any pre-made USB LED control units? I’d really just like to plug something into my USB port, and then have it control all the LED’s on a strip (or multiple strips soldered together).


BlinkStick pro can control up to 3 separate LED strips with 64 LEDs each individually. Would this work for you?