Controlling an AMD Spire cooler

I recently built a new PC with an AMD Ryzen CPU. It came with a Spire cooler with built in RGB lighting, but I don’t have a motherboard that has an RGB output. Do you think I could use a BlinkStick Pro to control the colour? I don’t know what the power requirements are for the Spire or whether I’d need an LED adaptor board.
I have found a few other people asking about this but no solutions so far.

Hey Jarrett and welcome to the forums,

as far as I know the RGB output of asus motherboards is 12 V with a max power of 2A. It supports only 5050 RGB LED strips, so I think your cooler will also use a built in 5050 LED strip.
As the BlinkStick Pro itself controls WS2812 LEDs (up to 5V) it will not be compatible to your cooler.

I´m not familiar to 5050 stuff and the asus RGB functions but maybe it works with a LED adapter board:
You could give it a try but I´m not sure about if your cooler will work with that.

Ah, cool. Thanks for the clear explanation. I think the LED adaptor board would probably do it, but it’s a bit of a complex solution. I’ll keep hunting!

I’ve got some 5050 LEDs with an adapter board and can confirm it works wonderfully. I ordered the pre-built BlinkStick Pro with the LED adapter board and just plugged everything together.

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Oh, cool. I’ve taken a slightly different route, and can confirm for anyone trying to solve the same problem that the Cooler Master RGB LED Controller is a tidy solution that successfully controls the Spire.