Connect website to BlinkStick Cube?

I’m trying to get my head around how I can possibly control my cube by an event happening on my website e.g. if I get someone land on a specific webpage, the cube would be lit up.

Now, I know there is the BlinkStick Dashboard, does that have an API that is accessible?

My thinking is, my website could speak to the BlinkStick Dashboard which then obviously can control my cube here on my desktop. Am I over thinking this and there is an easier way? I know there is the Iframe available but I wanted to write my own code to have the BlinkStick integrated and also help me learn some new stuff to do.

Any questions or if I’m not making sense, just say :slight_smile:


Maybe this will help you? :slight_smile:

Sorry @arvydas - I did look in the help pages but obviously it was late last night and I totally missed this! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Can I just check - is setting the colour to #000000 the same as turning the device off?


Yes, that’s correct :slight_smile: