Command Line parameters and examples

Hi there, since I am new to Blinkstick I would appreciate all the help I can get. It is easy to get the leds ON or OFF by command line parameters. Even changing colors and adressing each led is easy. But when I want to dim the led, or set brightness, nothing seems to work.
Second challange is to set all leds to a specific color (i.e. red) without a delay so you can’t count each led when it is turning on (fast on)
The tool written for windows works fine, but I would like to control it through commandline parameters.
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Example turning on leds via cl

blinkstick --index 0 yellow
blinkstick --index 1 red
blinkstick --index 2 green
blinkstick --index 3 blue

The brightness is determined by how high each RGB value is, and since the CMD parameters only accepts HEX RGB values, you will need the find a Colorpicker that gives you a HEX value.
You can use the below tool to get the desired hex value.

The higher the value = higher brigthness

Command for setting colors with a HEX value:
blinkstick --set-color “#100000” --index “1”

I don’t think there is any CMD parameter to switch color on all LED’s at the same time. for that you should use one of the other supported languages.