Client will open briefly, then shut down

So I’ve had the blinkstick v1.0 for a rather long time, and have had it hooked up to ikea leds around my desk for ambient light. I used to use it without any issues all the time, but recently it failed to work.

  1. My computer won’t always recognize the blinkstick as a USB device. (this isn’t too big of an issue as long as I keep it plugged in to the same port)

2)When I started up the client, it won’t completely open. The process appears in task manager briefly, then disappears. I uninstalled it completely, and re-downloaded, and reinstalled the client. Any suggestions?

Hey komradedimitri,

It does not seem to be a problem of the Blinkstick only. I have issues like that with other light devices. I solved it with running the devices with an additional USB hub.

In the folder of your BlinkStick Client is a log4net.config. Open this with an editor and set the level value from DEBUG to ALL. Also change the param name=“File” value="" to param name=“File” value="BlinkStick.log" and restart your BlinkStick Client.
After the error appears again, check the BlinkStick.log file in your BlinkStick Client folder. If not sure what to do, please post it. Hopefully Arvy did a good “exception catch” job! :smile:

I think I made the changes correctly, but it didn’t generate a BlinkStick.log. Did I do it correctly?

Hmmm… seems correct to me.
Is there any entry in the windows eventlog?
Maybe there is a .NET Runtime error or so.

Have you also tried to start the BlinkStick client without unplugged device?

If nothing helps my last idea is to repair your .NET framework. It can be done under “programmes and features” in your windows control panel.

The program does pop up briefly in the activity monitor, but it quickly shuts down.

Having it plugged in or not doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I went in to the control panel and repaired it. No change.

Hey komradedimitri,

I´m sorry, the logfile is located somewhere else.
You may find it here: C:\Users<youruser>\AppData\Roaming\Agile Innovative\BlinkStick\logs
Take a look in it or attach it here.

You can also save your settings.json in C:\Users<youruser>\AppData\Roaming\Agile Innovative\BlinkStick\ and delete it. Then try to open BlinkStick Client again, maybe there is an error in the settings.

This is all the log says since it stopped working:

“2015-11-13 22:18:10 INFO Main - --------------------------------------
2015-11-13 22:18:10 INFO Main - BlinkStick Client 1.0.1 application started
2015-11-13 22:18:39 INFO Main - --------------------------------------
2015-11-13 22:18:39 INFO Main - BlinkStick Client 1.0.1 application started
2015-11-15 01:10:21 INFO Main - --------------------------------------
2015-11-15 01:10:21 INFO Main - BlinkStick Client 1.0.1 application started”

I also deleted the settings.json and it hasn’t made a difference.

Sorry, I have absolutely no idea. The last thing you can do ist uninstall BlinkStick client and delete the remaining files manually. Then install it again. If the problem still exists, we can only wait for Arvy.

I have uninstalled it and deleted it several times in the past with no change. At this point I have no clue what it could be.

Could you at last test, if BlinkStick Status works?

The program opens up just fine, but the blinkstick is having issues connecting. Is the code available for me to re-program the stick with a newer version? Maybe that might help.

Windows cannot recognize the device correctly, I think you won´t have many chances to reprogram it. Maybe it is just the USB port. I would recommend to use some USB hub between PC USB port and device. If it won´t help it could be a broken device…