BlinkStick without PC connection

what does BlinkStick when it is only connected to a power supply? Does it restore its last state?
E.g. if I set a certain color, does it keep that color when I just connect it to a power supply?
Is there a kind of enable-Pin on the PCB?

I would like to set a color and a brightness on the BlickStick and use BlinkStick without USB connection after that.


I have prototype firmware implemented for BlinkStick V1.1 which allows to store patterns to BlinkStick EEPROM and it would play patterns every time it’s connected to the USB. Do you have BlinkStick V1.1 or any other device in mind for this specific feature?

Hi, thanks for the answer!

I’m simply looking for a LED-Constant-Current-Source with the possibility to adjust pwm for RGB.
That way, I discovered BlinkStick which gives some nice additional possibilities. But I don’t have one yet and basically, I need a much simpler solution.

@arvydas Hi is it possible i could have this proto firmware you have to store patterns to 1.1? thanks also whats the data box for in client store upto 32 symbols?

Hi there, can you share the prototype firmware for the 1.1 stick, for storing patterns on the stick itself and therefore being able to run just from usb power and without a computer? Many thanks. In the most basic instance I would be happy with the led just going full white on power, if that is easiest / most stable.

Hey quick question: Is it possible to store a color to display on power up with the BlinkStick strip such as in the EEPROM? I’d also settle for a default color on power up.

Hi Andrew,
if you add such a function in the blinkstick firmware and find a way to flash the attiny on the strip with this firmware then yes.
The prototype @arvydas is talking about is for the BlinkStick v1.1 only, it is the one with the LED directly on the board.

Was the firmware ever shared, i.e. The firmware that allows you to just connect the blinkstick 1.1 to a USB power source and have it light up automatically with a preset colour or animation?. Thanks.


is there a firmware available for the BlinkStick Square that allows you to connect to a USB power source and relight with the last settings, or to predefine a color set for USB power only?

Many thanks

There is no such a firmware yet.

@arvydas Did you ever share the firmware that runs if connected to a power source only, even if buggy / might brick the v1.1?

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Is there currently any way to do this? Or am I looking in the wrong places…
Was looking to do exact this for a music streamer; white for booting, green for on, blue for no internet connection.