BlinkStick Strip Switching Frequency


Hi there,
How quickly can each individual LED be switched on and off?
Considering BlinkStick Strip for persistence of vision effect utilisation in real time.


Each command to the Blinkstick needs about a 20ms cooldown, adds up to 50fps. You can control each LED on the strip in a single command, or just target a single LED.

Internet search seems to suggest 30FPS as a minimum for persistence of vision effects so I think you would be good to go.


I put together a simple NodeJS web server that does 60fps/16ms variable rate frame streaming to BlinkStick, and allows you to control it with your mobile device.

It is based on a pipeline architecture, similar to GPU shaders, and even supports transparency (alpha blending). Any USB RGB controller can be integrated.

The server works on Windows, Linux and Mac and the REST api works on any browser (desktop or mobile). It is very popular and has been downloaded a couple thousand of times in just a few weeks.

I hope it drove a few customers here.