BlinkStick Strip + enclosure = waterproof?

Hi, I am developing a system for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B which reads parameters and then changes the (USB-controlled and fed) strip colors,

but is the enclosure enough to protect it from bad weather?


No, the enclosure sold in store is not waterproof.

thanks, so what if I cover it with a sealed transparent plastic?

At the end you can do whatever you want with your device. Sealed plastic, sealed compound or whatever. But as far as i know the device itself is not made for operating outside or in some weather conditions.

Bare in mind that sealing the LEDs will shorten their lifespan. Haven’t tried it myself yet. You should be able to make it waterproof by using some transparent silicone. Not sure though if the USB connector contacts will survive harsh weather although they are gold plated.

Silicone would do it, you could cover the plug and socket too. If your worried about that being removable then you can mask certain areas and leave a sealed system that would pull apart with a little force when needed without damaging anything.