BlinkStick Status 1.0-beta release

Hey Arvy,
can you upload the sources soon? I really like to know how you handled some things controling the device.

Thanks :smile:

I would like to see the sources also.

Btw. Does the BlinkStick Status set the mode of the Blinkstick Pro to normal when it’s started? How does the program find out that if WS2812B leds are connected to the Blinkstick Pro?

Hi Arvyd,

I just wondered if there was any update on the new features such as Mute / Not Mute status or opening up the sources?

I’m looking at buying another board but just waiting for this mute feature.

Many thanks,


@arvydas Any love on the way soon for Status? It only seems to work with the first of a multi-LED stick (nano, in this case). And some of these other features would be awesome!

managed to get the other LED working on the nano. had to use the testtool floating around the forums to set mode to 3. though it still loses connection to lync sometimes. for example, on a call, it flashes/glows like normal but eventually just stops doing that and just sits red as if only busy and not on a call anymore.