Blinkstick square USB port sheared off


My company bought 3 blinkstick squares . I’d already bought one and written some in-house software to use these.
On one of the 3 squares, the USB simply detached when I plugging in the micro USB.
I’m a little concerned about the other 3. I’m considering coving the socket in epoxy to provide some mechanical support as it seems rather weak.


My experience is that the ports are absolutely not weak. We have 13 running Squares in our company and at the first time we often had to plug and unplug them. I think it is a production or material error on that one board but for an excact evaluation we should wait for @arvydas.


It’s been 9 days, not seen any more response on this?

The “sticks” have a custom made plug on the end , which slots straight into office furniture.


Hey Graeme,

I´m sorry, I think @arvydas is a bit busy at the moment and I can only help with my ordinary user knowledge.
I think he will respond as soon as possible.

I really like your pillars :smile:


17 days now, still no response


Hi @graeme_blinkstick, sorry about the delay. Drop me an email to info at blinkstick dot com with your order number and will sort this out for you ASAP!