BlinkStick Square not recognized on windows 7

Good Morning from Greece. I’ve just received my BlinkStick Square with enclosure but I’m having troubles getting started. I installed the BlinkStick_Setup_1.0.1.exe and restarted my system. Every time I plug in the usb to my computer, there’s no action. Cannot find the Blinkstick. I’ve tried running the BlinkStick Client, but going to BlinkStick->Test (Or manage) shows 0 devices listed. I’ve tried also with .NET API, but same result “No devices”. I’ve tried the BlinkStick in all 3 USB ports, but i got the same results. Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

Does BlinkStick briefly flash when you plug it into USB port?

Also first thing to try is different USB cable, some of them are charging only and don’t have data lines.

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Thanks for your quick reply Arvydas. Yes, I see a flash when I plug into USB. I will try different USB cable.

It works perfect!!! Thank you