Blinkstick pro cant control more than 1 led,mirror doesnt work!

Hi pal,ive not played with blinkstick pro for a while,i cant remember how to control more than one led on the pro,now i think its done only by cmd,Whats the cmd for it,and what program is used? can i use the blinkstick cmd or is it ruby?
If i remember p0ke made a blinkstick test program for flex to set led number from 8 to 16 and to 32 etc,ime sure i used to use that to set leds to more than 1 for the pro,it has mode etc and it will change color of my pro leds but only one.does it only work for flex? i cant seem to get it to work.Now with the pro what number is the mode mirror is it 3 or 4 does the rgb mode represent mode 0 or 1 ?