BlinkStick physical schematics?

Hi all,

I’m new to BlinkStick, and eagerly awaiting my order of 2 BlinkStick Pro’s. I’m working on a device which will incorporate a BlinkStick Pro, but haven’t been able to find any physical design schematics or detailed dimensional data of the board.

So, wondering if any design files are available for the BlinkStick Pro (STEP or STL would be ideal, but 2D dimensional diagrams would also be useful) or is everyone just measuring their unit for designing a housing / enclosure?



Hey Jeremy,

you could download the Eagle Schematic and Board Editor (Freeware) and take a look at the board design.

Please find the eagle files here:

Is that what you are looking for?

Hi p0ke,

Thanks, I had spotted the schematics but didn’t realise it included the board layout also. Thanks for the tip, this is very helpful!



I don’t have 3D cad files for Pro yet, but you can find rough dimensions in the product description page. Eagle files also have the dimensions, but they lack the size of the USB plug.

Thanks arvydas, yes, we’re assuming a “standard” USB plug size for now but will confirm when my units arrive. We’ll be preparing a 3D model of the board as we require this for our enclosure design - once I’ve finished with the model I’m happy to share if it’s of use to anyone else. :smile:

Hi There,

We’ve just purchased a blink strip mini and want to print some custom housing - would you share a CAD model for it? I don’t mean the electrical scheme, but really the 3-D information.