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Hi all ive been experamenting with led frosting on the neopixels,“defusing”,ive found a neat way of making the pixels emit smother colors and color mixing is verry nice,i used verry fine sand paper on a few spare neo pixels,and just rubbed the clear lense and the results are pretty noticable,you loose the extra eye burning brightness but they give out a much smoother colors just like normal defused leds,its just an option for people to try on your projects,try it out on some spare pixels first to see if you like the results,i think its a nice alternative as ive yet to see defused neopixels,and think they should be avalable.

Hi all ive added a link to some great info on LEDs and neopixels,i hope it can be of use to someone.

I tryed to upload loads of led datasheets in a zip hear for conveniance but it wouldnt let me,never mind ile try again another time seems the file was too big but ive uploaded a color chart in hex its quite usefull…

Hi…i think you can try arduino also…the arduino has a library called FastLED, which makes coding for addressable LEDS so much simpler than working with multidimensional arrays and PWM in a non-realtime OS like windows. Arduino is a onboard single PCB module, so you haven’t to worry about how the LEDs will be assembled on board. So the PCB assembly is carefully considered here. Plus once set, the arduino can run without a PC there are advantages and disadvantages to both.