Blinkstick is not registered on Windows 10


I have blinkstick flex that I have put behind my desk to project lighting behind there based on what I have onscreen. Unfortunately, due to an encounter with a pet, the blinkstick was deleted from the client. My question is, how do I get it to register with the client again. I have attempted to unplug and reinsert the cable, reboot the pc, reinstall the client, and install the 1.0 version of the client. None of those solutions seem to work. When I plug it in, it displays the pattern that it displayed before the issue for less than a second, and then immediately cuts off. Any support would be appreciated.


Hey David,

welcome to the forums. Please let us know what excactly happend to your Blinkstick. “Encounter with a pet” is a bit less info. As you described it worked before.
It seems something broke your BS firmware.


The “unfortunate pet encounter” was when a cat activated the delete button in the 2.0 client by walking on my keyboard.


Back in the office tomorrow so should be able to help you out then. It is a software issue. Should be easy to fix.


Thank you! This will help me a lot.


Ah, @arvydas already looking at this.
I guess the device should be completely deleted in the
%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Agile Innovative\BlinkStick\data.json
After a new start of the BlinkStick Client the Flex should be recognized again.

Don´t blame the cat! :smile:


I actually have cleared that directory, uninstalled, and reinstalled the client. It did nothing. Also, am I wrong for blaming the cat when she has a magnetic attraction to anything that can mess with my PC? As soon as I can, I will be trying it in a different PC.