BlinkStick IFTTT Support

Have you ever thought about a cooperation with IFTTT?

I tried a number of times. IFTTT only adds devices if there is enough interest in them and they seem to ignore my requests. There is a way though. I’m planning to use the current implementation of blink(1) channel. Annoyingly IFTTT only supports one device per account which is silly, but possible to overcome this by adding filters.

Yeah, I´ve already thought so, they also ignored mine. But BlinkStick absolutely deserves it not to be ignored… Even Adafruit offers your product!
Hmmm… then we have to create more interest :wink:

It’s a good idea. BlinkStick is no longer just one pixel LED controller, there is far more that can be done. I’ll try to figure out how to publicise it.

Is there any progress on ifttt support for BlinkStick? blink(1) channel requires a key to be activated. How could you use this channel with BlinkStick?

I have proof of concept working and it should be released with the new version of BlinkStick client. As far as I know, the key is actually a predefined hashed serial number of Blink1 with a specific length. It’s very silly how they implemented this on IFTTT, but you can supply any valid key and it will work. There are no restrictions apart from length and [0-9,A-F] chars that can be used. Normally a web service should generate a unique key and pass it over to the user to supply it into client application. That’s how I did it on Then the server is responsible to make sure that the key is valid and unique and no other user gets the same one. I think now you can use the same key from somebody else and you can listen to their events.

Any updates on this feature?

In my view there are no news yet. I´m waiting for some infos myself. Any attempt to get an info from IFTTT fail. They still don´t responding.

IFTTT have added maker channel which looks very suitable for BlinkStick! I have this on a very high priority list to test and see how I can integrate with BlinkStick.

What is the current status of the IFTTT support. It seems doable with the Maker channel but I don’t have any experience with that. (I’m looking to buy a blinkstick square so that I can be notified if emails arrive in a certain gmail label)

There is a tutorial available on how to integrate IFTTT with BlinkStick Client application:

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Would it be possible to use a Blinkstick Strip and assign each led to a seperate IFTTT maker action?
(for example, let each LED be a notification for a seperate Label in gmail)

You should be able to create a device per each LED on and link it to BlinkStick Client application. When you add it in BlinkStick Client application, you should be able to select which LEDs the device represents. Then just link your maker channel with the device which represents the LED.