BlinkStick Flex Pulse all 32 LEDs


Hey guys,

I just want to know if there is a possibilty to pulse every led of the BlinkStick Flex simultaneously.

I’m already in Mode 3 but unfortunately there are only 8 LED on.

My Code in C#:

var allDevice = BlinkStick.FindAll();
Parallel.ForEach(allDevice, (device) =>
            if (device != null)
                if (device.OpenDevice())

                    Console.WriteLine("Could not open the device");
                Console.WriteLine("BlinkStick not found");


Hi and welcome to the forums.
The current version of the BlinkStickDotNet lib works for up to 8 LEDs.
I´ve made a few changes so it should now work with up to 32 LEDs.
The change is not official !!! but it worked in my tests with a Flex.

Please find the BlinkStickDotNet.dll below:

After changing the DLL add this line to your example:


Note: You need to set the LedCount like the Mode only once. These are some of the values stored at the chip directly.

Hope it helps.


Thank you ! It’s great!