BlinkStick Flex not working, only first 8 LEDs, no AmbiLight


Hi there,

i installed BlinkStick Flex with 32 LEDs and it worked with BlinkStick 2.0 rc9 client.
but AmbiLight did not work
-> so i tried client 1.0.1 and BSAL - also did not work.
-> i installed clien 2.0 rc9 again

==> result is now that only first 8 LEDs can be controlled with client 2.0 rc9

AmbiLight does not work at all.
Any ideas?



I tried BlinkStickTestTool (from Only 8 LED are on (Blinkstick Flex)), see screenshot

It lists 8 LEDs, but there are 32 connected.


With the testtool please try right click into the properties and click “Set LEDs (Flex) -> 32 LEDs” in the menu.
I hope it helps for your case.


test tool helped to set 32 leds again :smile:


“BlinkStick AmbiLight” works now :smile:

I enabled compatibility mode on my Windows 10 machine:

  • 8bit colors (256 colors)
  • enabled scaling