BlinkStick Flex no longer being recognized


I got my new BlinkStick Flex and got it set up pretty quickly with one of the nodejs sample apps. I was messing around with it changing the color of the first led and then the led just stayed lit as red even though in the program I changed it to blue. After re-running my program a few times with no changes to the led’s I unplugged the blinkstick flex. Since that happened I can no longer get it to be recognized when I plug it in. All calls to blinkstick.findFirst(); return undefined. I downloaded the BlinkStick Client app and when I do a ‘Test’, no BlinkStick devices show up in the dropdown. I had originally had this working on a Mac, but I have tried it out on a different computer (windows 10) and can’t get it to be recognized there either. I’ve tried different USB ports, I bought a new USB cable. I’ve tried plugged in directly to the computer and also through a hub. I reset the SMC and PRAM on the Mac… nothing has worked.