BlinkStick Flex - inability to address beyond 8th LED


I have a BlinkStick Flex (32 LEDs) which I am driving using the dotNET dll using LabVIEW 2020. I can drive the first 8 LEDs but cannot drive the remaining 32. I installed the BlinkStick Client (version 2.0-rc10) on the LabVIEW PC and it too can only drive the first 8 LEDs despite notifying that it has commanded more than the first 8 (pattern set under Notifications, programmed/requested LEDs colours under Overview). Note that the PC with LabVIEW is running Win7 so I also installed the Client on a Win10 PC, connected the Flex to it and got the same result i.e. not able to drive more than the first 8 LEDs.

I see that there was a previous post with the same issue in November 2015. There was a link to a zip file which no longer seems to work.

Looking at the architecture of the LED array, I assume that if one LED fails it will not pass on the data to the next LED down the chain hence effectively disabling all subsequent LEDs.

Is my problem a failed LED or an out of date driver or incorrect configuration?


Hey @dhmundy,

you need to set the device to mode 2 (Multi LED Mode in the BlinkStick client app).


The mode was set correctly (i.e. to mode 2). I revisited the November 2015 post on the same topic; scrolling further down the page I found a working link to the suggested software. Installing and running this I found that the BlinkStick had been configured for 8 LEDs. Using the tool I was able to set the LED count to 32 and it now works fine.

Good to hear it works now. Yes, I wrote a small tool to set the mode. Have no idea why it does not work in the Blinkstick Client.