BlinkStick Flex firmware


Just wondering whether it’s possible to download the firmware for the Flex? I bought a few flex controllers and have been having lots of fun with them, but I’d like to try and control a ws2812 strip with 300 LED (using an external power supply).

I looked at the Pro firmware code but it seems like the Flex must be a bit different as I’m not able to get the Flex to light up more than 32 LED. Looks like the Pro firmware on GitHub should be able to do up to 64 color LED on a single channel.

Thanks for making these great devices!


Hey Adam, welcome to the forums.

afaik there is no way to get another firmware to the flex as it is not possible to update it over USB. It is different to the Pro where you can remove the ATtiny and put it to an AVR programmer.

The Pro is able to control up to 192 LEDs, 64 LEDs per channel.


Thanks for the response. I was thinking about trying to use a surface mount chip clip like this to program the ATTiny on the board:

Failing that I’ll just build my own controller, but it won’t look nearly as nice since I’d have to use through hole instead of surface mount components! I supposed I can just use the Pro firmware, but I was curious to see what was added to the Flex firmware to manage the 32 LED.


OK, this is a good idea. But there is still the fact that Flex originally was made for using it over a default USB port and USB delivers 500mA. I´m not sure if the producer of the devices @arvydas will offer the flex firmware in the future…


I’m not using the USB power, I have an external 100W power supply. 300 LED require a lot of current!


Yep, what I meant is that the device itself is not made for that power, so I´m not sure it it will work. 2W and 500mA are the specs. Nevertheless I like your idea… so hopefully we get the firmware that you could test it at least.


I couldn’t find the flex firmware but I was able to use the pro firmware on the flex hardware. It works fine as long as you just use the green channel. Reprogramming the flex is easy with a USBTinyISP and a chip clip. Here is what my programmer looks like

I modified the firmware so I can now control up to 256 LED per channel, but the t85 doesn’t quite have enough memory to get to my target of 300. I’m running the LED off an external power supply which is essential since it is running upwards of 12A


Most interresting stuff. If I was able to repro a flex with the pro software would I be able to run all 32 LEDs at full power without external supply but using a powered USB Hub, possibly one with those high power ports designed for charging mobile phone?


I’d like to do that too. Is the flashing process documented somewhere? Do I need to build the firmware myself or should I just use the eeprom-default.hex file provided in that zip archive?

What do you mean by that?

See my problem there:


I couldn’t find the flex firmware,
would you please tell me where can I download the hex file,?


Or where can I find the pro firmware hex file? thank you Pal


I did not manage to invest any time in that project. The fact that I got no support at all on the forum did not help. It seems even the owner is not making much effort to support custom project anymore, sadly. That’s my experience anyway. However I have not given up and one day I’ll probably get back into it. I did get hold of the reprogramming hardware.