BlinkStick Flex and in Visual Studio 2017


Is there anyone who has experience with programming of BlinkStick Flex in Visual Studio 2017/2015 using

Can anyone give an example?


There are a lot of examples in C# so it should be very easy to translate them to VB.NET:

Let me know if you still have trouble using BlinkStick and I will provide some VB.NET examples.


I have tried with this code, but it causes an error with “Blinkstick.FindFirst()”.

BC30491 Visual Basic AND VB.NET Expression does not produce a value.

Imports BlinkStickDotNet

Dim device As BlinkStick = BlinkStick.FindFirst()
If device IsNot Nothing Then
If device.OpenDevice() Then
Console.WriteLine(“BlinkStick was turned off”)
Console.WriteLine(“Could not open the device”)
End If
Console.WriteLine(“BlinkStick not found”)
End If


Has anyone as yet got any real examples ?

I am running VS2019 -, cant get the VB6 examples working either- due to an automation error.

The blinkstick would be idea but just doesnt work, i could embed via the web api, little long winded but that wont allow you to set the index of the colour light, only turn all red/etc not allow me to specify which led i want to turn on / off which was the original idea

help would be good, thanks