Blinkstick Client problem


Earlier today i tested the “AmbiLight” software found on the forums (as i said on that post, it did not open anything except for crash my Blinkstick client) and ever since my 1.0.3 Client won’t work anymore, i see no colors except for an occasional red (very faint as well) I asume the AmbiLight software might have changed something on the client’s end, but reinstalling did not help at all. I checked if my leds were alright, they seemed to be just fine.

1 thing i noticed was that even though i reinstalled the client it still recognized the name i gave my blinkstick, maybe it is there that my problem lies but i cannot find where to delete this problem.

Hey Arno,

BSAL needs a device with adressable LEDs, so a Pro with some pixel or a Flex. BSAL always set the mode of the device to mode 2 if not so. For an IKEA dioder for example you need mode 1, maybe that is the reason for the faint light.

You need to set the mode back to 1 with the BlinkStick Client software, if it works. If not try this small tool:
Unzip everything to one folder. Start it and rightclick for the context menu to set the mode to whatever you want.

I hope it helps

Thank you very much! it was indeed set to Mode 2, the moment i set it to 1 it was all fixed. Thank you so much, i thought i might’ve ruined the hardware one way or another! Happy to see it fixed!

I would never sleep well again if you have ruined your device so I´m glad to hear :smile: