Blinkstick client 2.0 issues


I am using the Blinkstick client 2.0 rc-9. Very nice software.

I have noticed that when you change a test notification pattern you must close it then re-open for the trigger to work.

What happens if I have two computers using the same Blinkstick? Say computer A has the remote notification configured to a Nano. It reacts to the web command. Great. Now I remove the Nano and got to computer B. I add the remote notification configuration there but the Nano does not respond to the web commands. If I plug the Nano back into computer A then the previously sent commands (while on computer B) take effect. Wow, that last part was unexpected.

Is this working as designed or a bug?



Hey Pablo,

your first note seems to be a small issue in the BlinkStick Client. Triggering the test returns the last chosen pattern. The “Edit Notification” dialog have to be reopend like you´ve found out.

The behavior if you put the Nano back to PC A is meant to be like this. You set the color for an access code not for a device. The question is why it does not work at PC B. Maybe something blocked the connection. You could set the Log to “Full” in the settings, restart the BlinkStick Client and try it again. Then take a look at your log file.