BlinkStick appears offline in Dashboard, but online in My BlinkSticks?


Not sure if there’s an issue with the web API service? Also, my phone (through HTTP Shortcuts, an Android app), won’t be able to sent a request unless I tell it to accept any certificate when querying{publicid}/{color}.json with the following error

Online failed: Trust anchor for certification path not found.

Also, when set to accept any cert, I’ll get a status code 500 from time to time,

Also, friendly reminder that the security certificate for is expiring in two days :wink:.


Thanks for letting me know! Will sort out the issue with the API in a bit. Our server died yesterday so we had to do a server move very quickly :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking into it :smiley:


Ok, certificate is sorted out now so you shouldn’t be getting those errors any more. It’s now valid for another 3 years :smile:

500 error code was due to me pushing updates to the server. You may get this occasionally as I tweak bits here and there.

I also sorted out a few issues with online/offline status detection. This has been changed to be more efficient on the server. The site is now fully dockerized, yay!

Planning a bunch of updates for the site so if you have any requests just let me know :wink: