Blinkstick and Snarl


Today I´ve found out that Blinkstick works perfectly together with Snarl. Snarl is a notification system for Windows. It reminds me to systems like IFTTT etc. You have a notification source (like Memory Check, Pressed Keys, Time, Network Connections changes and so on) and a destination (send mail, show tray balloon, run file…). Connect them with a rule and be notified.
A tutorial on the Snarl website shows, how to redirect a notification to a blink(1) from ThingM. Based on this tutorial I´ve made my first steps with Snarl and Blinkstick.

Snarl Tutorial

Take the tutorial as it is but in Step 2 add two new schemes looking like that:

You have to set the target to the full path of the Blinkstick command line tool.
Get it here:

This rule simply reminds you if you have an active caps lock. But there are a lot more events that can trigger your Blinkstick.

So have fun with Blinkstick and Snarl :wink:


Snarl looks really cool. Thanks for posting this tutorial!