BlinkStick 2.0-rc10 Remote Control will only work on localhost


I’ve installed BlickStick 2.0-rc10 on Windows 10 and enabled the remote control. I can control it easily enough via, but if I try using the IP address of my machine,, I just get an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in Chrome

Thinking there was an interface clash (I’ve got Docker NAT and two WiFi cards installed), I disabled everything so the only interface left was the WiFi card with the above address and restarted BlinkStick, but I still get that error.

Windows Firewall is switched off, I’ve got no AV products installed, I’ve changed ports to something I know is free. I’ve got nothing else that could possibly stop this from running.

Any clues?


You need to specify “Bind Address” to be in order for this to work. Just edit the remote control notification and you will find the setting there.