Blinkclient Application cannot detect opened windows



I am trying to use blinkstick client application to detect and light up the blinkstick if there is a window with the title “clean” that has opened. However, the blinkstick client application does not detect the window unless i manually intervened to click on the already opened window. I am attaching the screenshot of the application that I have set, appreciate if you can advise if this is a bug on the blinkstick. Thanks.


Can you post the screenshot of the app you are trying to detect?


Hi Arvydas,

The app is a Cmd Prompt Window with the title Clean, pls see attached. For your advice, please.


Will see if I can reproduce this.


Just write “Start Clean” in a batch file, then have the batch file and blinkclient application automatically run upon startup, that will be able to simulate what I am doing.

So far, my observation is when the cmd prompt window titled “clean” is created, blinkclient applcation is not able to detect it unless i manually intervene to click on the cmd prompt window titled “clean”.


Hi Arvydas,

Any updates?


Sorry but are you able to confirm that it is a bug for the bllink client application? it will not be very useful if we have to manually click on the window or application before the blink client app can detect the presence of the window/ application and light up the blink stick…defeats the whole purpose of this.


Will be looking ino this today and will let you know within about 4 hours.


Sure Arvydas, just to let you know that even if I launch the blinkstick client application first, wait for 1 minute, then launch the “clean” cmd prompt window, I will still need to manually click on the window before the blinkstick will light up. Hope this info helps.


I think I know what is happening - the title of the application is changed after BlinkStick Client application detects that the process has changed. Working on a fix now to keep monitoring the change of the title even though the process has not changed.

Should have a release within one hour.


Thanks Arvydas, please let me know when it is released and where to download.


Here is the new version. You can upgrade on top of your currently installed version:



Thanks Arvydas, it works!


Great! Thanks for letting me know! :grin: