Blink both LEDs?


I got the simple blinkstick working, measuring system performance via psutils in the Python API. Works great!

However, only one of the two LEDs is actually blinking. I have it running on two servers - same thing. Is there a way to activate the LED on both sides of the stick? I can’t seem to find much about it, searching around.

Thanks in advance!


You could set the Mode to 3 (Mirroring to any LED) or you can control the LEDs seperatly with an index number.

Please find some code examples in the wiki:

Set Mode:

Control Single LED:


Cheers! Adding bstick.set_mode(3) worked correctly!


Just another hint for the mode: The mode setting is stored in the EEPROM of the device. So you could set it once and never need to change it before using another mode.
The EEPROM of the attiny85 has 100.000 write/delete cycles so setting the mode only once will save write cycles :smile: