Blink an LED from Visual Studio on error logged

We long had an extension for the Visual Studio IDE, the Lombiq Orchard Visual Studio Extension. One of its features is that a button on the Visual Studio editor’s toolbar can light up when a new error is logged by the application one is working on. And now BlinkStick LEDs can light up too!

Check out a demo of the feature here. The integration is pretty simple but basically, when an error is logged you can make a BlinkStick device blink or light up continuously with a configured color.

What do you think? :slight_smile: The extension is open-source BTW and the part with BlinkStick is in the BlinkStickManager.cs file on GitHub (I’d link to it but as a new user I can only include two links, so well… You can get to the GitHub project page from the above linked Visual Studio Marketplace page).