Blickstick does not seem to work


I do not manage to get blinkstick flex up and running…

This is what I did:

1.- I installed Git Bash (
2.- I installed Python 3.6.3 (
3.- I installed blinkstick (pip.exe install blinkstick) based on this instructions:
4.- I connect the blinkstick flex to my laptop via USB
5.- I execute “blinkstick --pulse red” from comman line in Git Bash

And nothing happens… :- /
When I connect the blinkstick to USB it blinks 1 led once, which I believe it is an indication that there is no hardware issue… any help?


Most common issue is USB cable which is designed to only charge devices. Did you try a different one?


Thank you arvydas.

I have used a multimeter, it seems there is connection between D+ and D- on both sides of the cable… is there any other test I could do to verify that the cable is not charge-only? I cannot be 100% sure of my measurement with the multimeter because it is hard to put the nodes of the multimeter inside of the USB connector to measure. I have tested 5 different USB cables, no light with any of them when I run “blinkstick --pulse red”

If the issue is not the cable, do you have any suggestion on where could I start debugging?


I got it working on Linus (RasPi 3) when running “sudo”.
Not in Windows though, but it does not matter anymore, I will keep on with Pi only.

Thank you Arvydas.