Any Indoor Outdoor LED RGB Controller Kit Hack

I already owned a RGB Lights and so i wanted to control them with my BlinkStick.

There is a Tutorial that shows how to Hack the Ikea Dioder.
But i thought i show you guys how to hack other RGB LED Controllers.

Step 1 - Preparation

For this tutorial you wil need:

  • One BlinkStick Pro v1.0
  • One RGB LED Controller
  • A soldering iron
  • Some solder
  • Some wire

Step 2 - Open the main board case

Pry open the case. Best way to do it is with a screw driver on the back.

Step 3 - Remove the resistors

Remove SMD resistors R6, R7 and R8 on the RGB Controller as shown on the schematic.
Note: the resistors might be labeled differently. Its always the one before the mosfet amplifiers.
its being removed so that the old controls won’t interfere with the BlinkStick.

Step 4 - Wiring BlinkStick Pro

Assemble BlinkStick Pro then wire it up to the main RGB Controller board according to the
schematic. Use the supplied 3 x 330 Ohm resistors color coded orange, orange, black, black and
brown to connect them to the mosfet amplifiers on the board.

Step 5 - Using BlinkStick Pro with RGB Controller

Connect BlinkStick Pro to the computer and plug the RGB Controller to the mains.
It still needs the external power supply to drive the LEDs.

Once you finish the hack, the controls on the RGB Controller will not work any more.
If you ever want to go back to all of the original features of RGB Controller, just remove
the wires you have soldered in Step 4 and put the resistors back in.

Step 6 - Inverse mode

in order to use RGB Controller with BlinkStick software, you have to use inverse mode.

Hope this helps!
Have fun guys!

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Here is a picture of what mine looks like.

I used an old USB Cable so i could disconnect it with out having to cut anything.
I also cut off the old remote control receiver and used the wires for my BlinkStick connection, so it looks better :wink:

Hey Lucas,

Thank you for your tutorial which is very helpful!