Alternative C API


I found the unofficial C API listed on the homepage somewhat lacking, especially for BlinkStick Strip so wrote a new one:

Hope it can be of use for someone.
Works for me on Linux and Mac OS X with BlinkStick Strip but should work with the other BlinkSticks as well (I hope :wink:


Thanks very much for sharing! I’ll add this to the list of API implementation on the main website if you don’t mind :smiley:


Feel free to add it to the list, might always be of use for someone


Ahh, this looks useful . I have a square plus now an IKEA “hack” , I have a daemon which drives the square based in a build system status (Jenkins) . I’m trying to get it to work with the IKEA strip…which I can drive fine, I jsut can’t see how to determine which device I have . I see you have methods to check that, which I’ll be able to try in the IKEA strip now. Extra kudos for using automake, thanks a lot.

AFYI. I plan to make the daemon into a .deb package soon.


I have bsdaemon ported to use this API. I did also manage to get a .deb produced, during our 2 day hackathon, but it’s not as I would like. It just installs the binary. I’d like to get at least the udev rules installed as well. I had a “half-mind” to make the act of plugging in the USB device actually launch the daemon, but that needs some “thought” as just monitoring an “empty” file is of little use. Also since the .deb package also installs l the lib and the bs, lsbs etc samples, it may be folks don’t intend to run the daemon.