After setting the mode, my blinkstick FLEX does not work amnymore

Hello everyone,
I recently aquired a blinkstick FLEX and from what I understood, to control all LEDs at the same time I just have to set the mode to 2 with the following method : bstick.set_mode(2) then I can use bstick.set_color() as I want to turn on all the LEDs. The thing is as soon as I run
bstick.set_random_color() # to test whether they all work
I get the following Error:
File “C:\Users\daly\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\lib\site-packages\blinkstick\”, line 246, in _usb_ctrl_transfer

raise BlinkStickException("Could not communicate with BlinkStick {0} - it may have been removed".format(self.bs_serial))

blinkstick.blinkstick.BlinkStickException: Could not communicate with BlinkStick BS057650-3.1 - it may have been removed

How to solve this please