Addressing 2nd led?


Hi there.

I have a couple of nanos, lovely little things. However I"m working with Python and can’t work out how to, or find an example of how to address the bottom led. I can do whatever I want with the top led.

The stick.find_all() finds multiple nanos, but gives no access to the bottom led.

Could someone please point me in the direction of an example that does?

Many thanks.


Please find an example here:

You need to set the index of the led you want to control.


Ok, thanks.

How is that done? There are no python examples showing this.


Sorry half asleep. Thanks for the snippet, useful in this case and working ok.

I’m confused with the tutorial pages, you find the item you want to look at, click ‘read more’ and you get some blurb about the hardware, but no code links, am I missing something?