Act as aura (+5VDG) header

My motherboard doesn’t have linux support for the addressable RGB header (+5V, D, blank, G) aura style header. Would I be able to use the blinkstick pro to do this? I’m pretty sure I can go from motherboard USB to blinkstick without issue, just wanting to be sure I can support the devices.

Also, from looking at another question’s diagram, it looks like each of the separate R, G, B headers can be used as separate addressable digital pins, is this correct?

Apologies for very newbie type of question, I’ve not really messed with RGB, but have all the hardware already, and would really like to get it all working in linux (still need to deal with rainbow puke from the RAM, but that’s another issue).

Couldn’t say without more info on the header or LEDs.

But yeah, the R, G, and B pins on the Blinkstick can each control a separate strand of WS2812-type LEDs.